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The Legend will Live On!

Hello friends and fans of Todd Trexler. As you probably know, Todd passed away just a few years ago. As you can imagine, those who knew him, had to take some time to themselves. Now it’s finally come time to rebuild and carry on.

Todd came to my design shop (Pixels Graphic Design) in 2012 with the desire to share his work. After spending many years taking care of others as a nurse, Todd felt in his retirement, that he should return to his true love. Art! Todd wanted to have his first web site built with all of his, still attainable, art to be shown and available for reproductions. This turned out to be a long process. Todd’s work was scattered across museums and private collections. After months of letters, emails, and phone calls, one by one the originals came home to their creator.

I digitized (scanned, photographed, ect) each of his originals. We repaired the blemishes and removed aging. Then Todd chose paper, colors, and sizes that he felt best represented his works. The original ToddTrexlerPosters site was built over the next month or so, until everything was just the way Todd wanted.

I worked with Todd personally every time he came in to visit or to update something. Over the next 2 years, we made small but steady improvements to the web site and reproductions. We added greeting cards about a year after launch which were well received. Yet there was still more to do.

Sadly, we never got to finish his ideas. Apparently, I was the last person to see or speak with Todd. We met on a Friday to discuss his latest projects. Including t-shirts from his NEW original art. The plan was for me to prep the demo over the weekend and we would meet back up on Monday to get all of his new art printed in prototype form. Instead, I received a phone call letting me know that he had passed away over the weekend! I was shocked and so was my staff. He was just in my shop, full of new creative energy!

The final request of his estate was that we do our best to continue this web site. And if possible, use the proceeds from sales to maintain and carry-on a sort of Legacy of Todd Trexler’s art. However, without the dedication Todd put behind his art, progress halted and all we could manage was to continue to pay to keep this site active. I felt this was less than what should be done. From our many discussions about his art, I felt and knew that Todd would want to finish adding his new ideas and art to the site.

Here we are now. A new year. A few dozen/s of hours to available at the moment… to rebuild! I hope you enjoy the new site and watch out for some new ways to share the art of Todd Trexler as they get added.

Kevin Smith
Pixels Graphic Design
Monterey, California

PS. I do have one new original sketch in progress, safely stashed away, that has yet to be shown anywhere! This is the art Todd left with me to digitize “that” weekend. Perhaps his last piece. We’ll try to figure out something special for it.

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